Monday, April 8, 2013

Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day - Office Area

It's Monday. Time to get motivated. Did you all get any cleaning done? I'd love to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments. I'd love for us to all motivate each other.

For those of you new to this series, each week I focus on an area in my house. I spend 10 minutes each day and clean or organize something in that room. On Monday, I share what I cleaned and how long it ended up taking me. It's been  helping me to stay on top of it. And I hope it's helpful for you as well. {The 10 minutes a day does not include bathroom cleaning, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming or doing dishes. With the exception of doing dishes, those things are done on Saturday and the kids help.}

I feel like I should change the title of the post this week. I did not follow my own rules. First of all the area I decided to clean needed a LOT of work, so I ended up spending WAY more than 10 minutes. And secondly, I had two of my sisters and their kids over to visit for spring break, so I did it all at the beginning of the week instead of spreading it out over the whole week.

I decided to clean out our office area of our kitchen. This has been bugging me for over a month, but I never made the time to get it all cleaned up. Mostly this was all just organizing. I did sweep out the floor under the desk, but that was about all I cleaned.

This is the cabinet is kind of a catch all.  I went through all my recipes. Before there was such a thing as Pinterest, I would print out any recipe I thought looked good. I probably have only tried about 5% of them. I went through them all and threw away lots that I knew I would never try, and kept the ones that still looked good. Other than that I just reorganized it all and threw away random things that were no longer needed. This took me about an hour to organize and another hour to go through the recipes. Way too much time! But next time, I'll be able to straighten it up quickly.

This is where everything gets thrown. School papers, mail, kids broken toys, phones etc. This took me about 25 minutes to clean up. Mostly it was just putting things where they belong.

This is our junk drawer. I throw coupons in there and never look at them again. A lot of them are for fast food - and we don't eat fast food very often. I think I'll just save the Joann's ones from now on, because they are the only ones that I actually use. This drawer took only 13 minutes.

And last but not least my mess underneath the desk.
I love this space, it's kind of hidden, but easily accessible. Unless you let stuff pile up like I had. I used to have a little curtain that hide it all, but the kids broke the tension rod and I didn't like the fabric anyway. Maybe that should be my next project - make a new curtain to hide this stuff a little better. This took 23 minutes to straighten up. 

Next week I'm going to work on the Laundry Room. It's not as messy, so it should be easier to keep it to 10 minutes a day.

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  1. You've inspired me to do better. I love a clean house, just not the cleaning part to get it there. So I'm trying to take 10 minutes each day to do something, anything, to curb the "madness". I did a few things over the weekend and it has made me feel better. Not sure what I'll tackle today, but I can do 10 minutes.

  2. I need to do this!! I love a non-cluttered house! I can sign up for 10 minutes! I have a link party going on, if you would like to come share :D

    Abbi at Seasons on Sunday

  3. Just found your blog!! Love your posts. Following!

    I just started a new "pinteresty" blog and I would love for you to follow me back so that we can continue to share ideas. :)

    Looking forward to more posts,
    Naptime Nothings

  4. It is always tough task for everyone to make their home clean and beautiful, but I think it is really a better source to know how we can clean and make our home beautiful. I will surely try these tips soon. thanks