Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Master Bath

Welcome to week two of my home tour. My plan was to share my living room next. That plan didn't work. You see I'm up to my eyeballs canning. So as a result, I haven't had time to clean up the living room good enough for pictures. I did however clean my bathroom on Saturday and took the opportunity to snap a few pictures while it was presentable :)

This room was one I was debating with myself if I should even share. It's quite simple and not one of those bathrooms you drool over on pinterest. It is the first room that I did any kind of decorating in. I remember stenciling the walls and my oldest was my baby crawling around on the floor while I stood on a stool and painted away. I've learned a lot about what I like and don't like since then. So even though it's not perfect, and not really "in style" I still like it and that makes it worth sharing.

 Want to know how long it took me to find a towel that didn't clash with the room? A long time. This is the only respectable towel in the house. I do have a set of purple towels, but somehow over the years they've changed colors and have pink splotches throughout. I would LOVE to get new towels, but I would rather spend my money on crafting supplies :)

How many times do you see a plunger in a picture on pinterest? We all have them - but I have yet to figure out how to hide it. And I really try to avoid touching it, unless absolutely necessary, so I didn't move it for the picture.

I use the basket to corral all the things we use daily, like the toothpaste, deodorant and contact solution, but to be honest a lot of it doesn't usually stay in the basket until I clean again on Saturdays.

And yes, you can see into our messy closet, which I probably will NOT be sharing with you. I took off the door to the closet, because it was never closed and it was in the way to using the wall space behind it to hang things on.

 I'll try to get some pictures of the living room this week, but if I don't get to it, I'll be sharing one of my kids rooms next time.

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  1. I like your bathroom, it looks clean and calming :) I hide my toiletbrush and blunger in flowerpots! I found these really nice, grey flowerpots that are big enough to hide all the yucky parts, so only the handle is showing. I have smaller plastic pots inside the big ones, where I add a mixture of chlorine and water every ones in a while, just to be sure that nothing is living in there :)