Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crafty Spring Tree

Today I have a fun little project for you. It's a Spring Tree. I love the Easter trees  - but I wanted this one to be a little less holiday specific. That way I can still use it once Easter is over.  The base is one of my Painted Mason Jars. The tree itself is made from a branch pruned from our lilac bush. Then I've added a few fun beads to decorate the tree.

{By the way, I also have an Easter egg tree in the works. Hopefully I'll be sharing it in the next couple of weeks}
Crafty Spring Tree

 Want to make your own Crafty Spring Tree?

You will need:
beans {jelly beans would be fun for a clear jar}
head and eye pins
Crafty Spring Tree

Crafty Spring Tree

To begin insert your stick into the jar. Fill with beans. This will help stabilize the stick and keep it in place.
Crafty Spring Tree

 Next create your ornaments using beads. You could totally use Christmas tree ornament hooks. I didn't want dig through all my Christmas stuff to find them, so I made my own hooks using eye pins.

Crafty Spring Tree
Step 1 - using a head pin, form a loop at the top of your bead.
Step 2 - grab an eye pin
Step 3 - slightly open up the eyepin
Step 4 - attach it to the loop at the top of the bead
Step 5 - bend over the wire
Step 6 - clip the wire

Crafty Spring Tree
I found the blue flower beads on clearance at Walmart at Christmas time. I thought they were the perfect addition to this tree. I also made some bracelets with them for my girls which I'll be sharing soon.

The green and blue oval shaped beads are courtesy of my latest box from Prima Bead.

The pink flowers and blue butterflies are actually earrings that I've had in my stash to forever.

Crafty Spring Tree

This was really a fun little project.

What do you think of it?


  1. What a terrific idea.... that could be for ANY season!! :0 ~KM

  2. This is so cute. I have 2 mason jars that I'm trying to figure out just what I'm going to do with them. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You inspire me! Thank you so much for sharing this project on Wonderfully Creative Wednesdays! I shared it as one of my favorite posts from last week in this week's link party. You can see it here:

    Best Wishes,