Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How to Get your Cake out of the Pan Perfectly Every Time!

Summer is birthday season at our house. We have birthdays in June, July and August. With birthdays comes birthday cake. And with cake sometimes comes the frustration of the cake not coming out and sticking to the pan.

Last year, my mom showed me a simple tip to get the cake out of your pan perfectly every time!

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How to get your cake out of the pan perfectly every time

Prepare your pan as you normally would for a cake with butter or shortening and then flour. Then, using the bottom of the pan as your stencil, draw a circle into parchment paper.

Then cut it out and stick it in the bottom of the pan before adding your batter. When the cake is done, it's just a matter of loosening the edges with a knife and the cake slides right out.

Simply peel off the wax paper and voila! the perfect cake bottom!

Have you tried this before? What other tips do you have to get your cakes to come out of the pan cleanly?

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