Thursday, July 31, 2014

Turn a Necklace into a Bracelet and Earrings

Jewelry Inspiration
I love making jewelry, but sometimes I can't figure out a design. Sometimes it's hard to decide what beads will go well together. Sometimes it's easier to let the pros help out. That's what I did with this project. Not too long ago, Prima Bead had some of their pre-made jewelry on clearance. I ordered two of the same necklace and quickly turned one of them into a bracelet and a pair of earrings.

Turn a necklace into a bracelet
  The bracelet was super easy I just cut the wire at one end of the bracelet, took off enough beads so that it was the right length to fit around my wrist. Then I reattached the wire to the clasp using crimp beads.

Turn a necklace into earrings
For the earrings, I used the pendant part of the necklace as my inspiration and in no time I had a matching pair of earrings.

Here's another set I did. I love this black and silver necklace from Prima. 

Turn a necklace into a bracelet and earrings

It was even easier to make this bracelet and earrings from an extra necklace.

Turn a necklace into a bracelet and earrings

Do you have trouble figuring out a design for your jewelry projects? What tips do you have that help inspire you?


  1. Wow - great job on the refashions and now you have complete sets.

    I've only made one set of earrings as jewelry making is more my sister's thing, but it was a lot of fun. Maybe I should put it on the list for my 2015 hobby? :)

    Thank you for linking up to the Tell Me About it Tuesday so I could find you.

  2. Wonderful idea! I love how the bracelets and earrings turned out!
    Lately I'm working more with fabrics than with beads, but when I need inspiration for jewelry I take my bead box, put all the beads on the table (I keep mine separated by colour, so I usually take two or three colours out at a time) and start mixing them until I see something interesting, then I try to figure out how to transform them into a piece of jewelry.