Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goals - Week 1

I'm starting a new series. As a blogger, it's sometimes easy to only show the pin-worthy parts of our lives. But in an effort to be real with you all, I'd like to start a new series where I share my goals. They could be about any part of my life. The following week I'll share how well I did and make new goals. I will normally do this on Mondays.

Over the summer, there was one Sunday where I thought "If I only accomplish one thing this week it has to be to vacuum the floor" It had been a couple weeks and with all the kids home, you can imagine how badly it needed it. Once I made that a goal in my mind, I vaccuumed the first thing Monday morning. Well, I guess it was the second thing I did...we had to get all the toys off the floor first :)

I'd like this to be a place where you share your goals for the week as well. We can motivate each other and be accountable to each other.

Each week I will choose one thing that I absolutely must do, and a few other things I need to get done or need to improve.

Here we go:

One thing I MUST do this week:

1. Try the DIY Ant Poison I saw on Pinterest. If it doesn't work, buy ant traps.

Other goals: 

2. Make a hot breakfast at least 3 times this week.

3. Go grocery shopping.

4. Remember morning family prayers.

5. Can the tomatoes from the garden.

What is the one thing that you absolutely must get done this week?

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