Monday, August 25, 2014

Goals - Week 2


Did you set any goals last week? How did you do?

Here are last weeks goals and how I did:
 1. Try the DIY Ant Poison I saw on Pinterest. If it doesn't work, buy ant traps.  It took me until Friday to finally do this. The jury's still out on how well the DIY ant poison worked. I mixed up the borax/sugar/water solution and set it out. I had quite a few ants attracted to it. The next day there were no ants, but then on Sunday I saw a few. It may take a few times to get them all.

2. Make a hot breakfast at least 3 times this week. This one was hard, but I did it. It takes a lot of planning ahead, since my kids are "starving" when they wake up. It just works better if I've made pancake batter {or whatever} the night before and can make breakfast as quickly as possible. The third meal, I made muffins the night before and so it wasn't "hot", but it wasn't cold cereal, which was the whole point of the goal. This is still something that's hard for me. I'll continue this goal for a few more weeks. Hopefully I can make it a habit.

3. Go grocery shopping. I go grocery shopping once a month.{Other than a short trip mid-month to replenish milk, fruit and such.} So it takes some planning and time, but I'm done for another month now. I'll be sharing more about my system of grocery shopping in my household tips series.

4. Remember morning family prayers. This was also hard. I think we only did it twice. We do pretty good at night, but we haven't ever really focused on morning prayers. It's something that just needs to become a habit. This will continue to be a goal.

5. Can the tomatoes from the garden. I did this on Thursday. We had enough tomatoes and peppers from the garden to make a batch of Picante Sauce.

Some things need to become a habit for me. They say it takes 2-3 weeks to form a habit, so I'll be repeating some of my goals this week. Here we go:

One thing I MUST do this week:

1. Figure out a good system for school lunches. I've pinned a few things that I need to read over. I'm not looking for an elaborate system. I'm just thinking of figuring out 5-6 different main options that they will eat, so they only get sandwiches once or twice a week.

Other goals: 

2. Remember morning family prayers.

3. Make a hot breakfast at least 3 times this week

4. Get packed and ready for camping trip this weekend.

What are your goals this week?
What do you put in your kids school lunches that they like?

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