Monday, November 24, 2014

American Girl Doll Clothes - A Homemade Christmas

If you've been reading my latest posts, you'll know that this year for Christmas my kids are making gifts for each other. My youngest two girls are hoping for American Girl-type dolls for Christmas. So my oldest daughter and I made them a couple outfits. I think they turned out darling!

American Girl Doll Clothes

My oldest made the outfit below. She's does a great job at sewing. I was there helping her read the pattern, because according to her "it wasn't in English". There is a certain learning curve to understanding patterns - in fact it's taken me years :)

American Girl Doll Clothes

Although she's good at sewing, she doesn't enjoy it for very long. So I helped her out with the other outfit. The shirt was more complex - so I'm glad I had her start with the easier one.

18" Doll Clothes

We used Simplicity Pattern 3936 and made options E & F.
Thanks to my sister for lending us the pattern!

Simplicity Pattern 3936

 This was a really inexpensive gift. We used my husbands old jeans for the pants. I had the elastic and the fabric for both of the shirts already. So we just had to buy a small amount of white fleece, red knit fabric and some velcro. 

American Girl Doll Clothes

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