Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How to Make a Burlap Bag

Today I'm going to show you how to make a decorative burlap bag. You can fill it with whatever you want, I chose pine cones for now.  I love the little knotted fringe and the ribbon interwoven through the burlap. 

How to Make a Burlap Bag

Want to make your own Burlap Bag?

You will need:
sewing machine 

How to Make a Burlap Bag

Step 1 - Cut a piece of burlap 20" X 14". Then unravel 2 1/2" on a 14" side.

Step 2 - Take 6 strands at a time and knot them. When you get to the end, you may not have exactly the right amount. I had 10 pieces left so instead of 6 and 4, I did the last two knots with 5 strands each.

Step 3 - About 1 inch from the knots start removing strands of burlap. I used 1/4" ribbon, so I removed 4 strands.

Step 4 - Weave the ribbon through the burlap. I wove it through 6 strands at a time so it would match up with the knots.

Step 5 - Fold your bag in half and sew along the side and bottom. I would recommend either a zig zag stitch or surge it so it won't unravel.

Step 6 - With your bag still right side out, sew a straight stitch to make a little triangle as shown in the picture above. Repeat with both sides. This will form the bottom of the bag.

Step 7 - Turn right side out. Then fold over the top edge of the bag.

How to Make a Burlap Bag
What will you fill your bag with?

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