Thursday, January 22, 2015

No-Sew Winter Table Runner

I wanted to make a winter table runner for my kitchen table. I wanted something simple and easy. I settled on a felt snowflake table runner.  Since felt doesn't fray, it made it the perfect choice for a no-sew project.

No-Sew Winter Table Runner
 I will admit that cutting out the snowflakes took longer than I wanted, but once they were cut out, it came together really quickly. I can picture a Valentines table runner using the same idea. It would be even easier though since hearts are so much easier to cut out.

Want to make your own No-Sew Winter Table Runner?


You will need:
snowflake template
hot glue

No-Sew Winter Table Runner

I started with a piece of felt 18" X 36" plus some to cut out 18 snowflakes. My snowflakes were 5" in diameter. I found my pattern and cut out a template with my Silhouette. I found that the best way to cut out the snowflakes precisely, was to tape the card stock snowflake over the felt with packing tape. Then simply cut it out. The tape helps keep it in place so it's not moving around when you're cutting. I used the same template for all of the snowflakes, by the end the card stock had quite the layer of tape over it.

Next I folded the felt in half longways. I took a bowl and traced around it to create a rounded edge. Cut along the line. Open up and place your snowflakes how you want them. I placed each snowflake halfway on the felt.  Then simply hot glue each snowflake in place.

No-Sew Winter Table Runner
There you have it, a simple winter table runner.

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