Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Make Braided Leather Stacked Bracelets

Learn how to make these fun braided leather bracelets. You can wear them alone or all together for a stacked look.

How to Make Braided Leather Stacked Bracelets
Something that's caught my eye lately in jewelry, is stacked leather bracelets. I've seen them in all sorts of fun colors and with trendy charms. So I set out to figure out how to make them myself. I decided to go with a neutral brown cord and antique gold accents. I love how they turned out.


Want to make your own Braided Leather Bracelets?

Here's what you need: {supplies courtesy of Cousin Corporation}
Suede Cord
3 pc Owl Metal Slide
Findings Starter Pack - Antique Gold
Ribbon Ends - Antique Gold
Large Circle Chain - Antique Gold
Chain - Antique Gold

We'll start with the Owl bracelet.
1. Cut 4 pieces of cord to 9". Add a ribbon end to one end of each piece of cord. Connect them together with a jump ring.
2. Begin weaving. I started with the left side and wove over, under over. Then repeated to the end of the braid always starting with the left side.
3. Once you get to the end of the braid, measure the bracelet around your wrist {keeping in mind that you'll need about 1/2" for the clasp} and trim excess cord. Add ribbon ends to the end of braided pieces. It will probably come unraveled a bit at the end as you do this. Just re-braid the ends. Connect the ends with a jump ring. Add a clasp to one end.
4. Slide on the metal sliders and owl charm.

How to Make Braided Leather Stacked Bracelets

For the braided bracelet with the chain interwoven, I did the same thing but used a different style of braid.  I used this 4 strand braid tutorial{use the braid in the first half of the video}  but in place of one of the leather strands, use a length of chain. I did 2 pieces of cord, one piece of chain and then one piece of cord when I started the braid. So the chain rotated between the 3rd and 2nd spots for the entire braid.  I normally use this braid in my girls hair, either with all hair or with a ribbon in place of one of the strands of hair. 

And lastly the middle bracelet is very simple.
1- Start with 2 lengths of cord 8" long. Remove a single link from the large chain.
2 - Fold one cord in half, place the loop through the chain link. Then pull the ends of the cord through the loop in the cord. Pull tight. Repeat with other cord.
3 - Trim cords, attach ribbon ends to each end of cord. Connect with jump rings and attach a lobster clasp to one end.

This was my first time using leather cording. I found it was easy to work with and brings a natural element to the bracelets.

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