Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yearly Cleaning Plan

January has always been a cleaning/organizing time of year for me. I like to get the kids rooms all organized with their new toys from Christmas and just get all the clutter cleaned up from having them all home during the break. Then I always realize how many more areas of my house need attention.  That's where the idea for the yearly cleaning plan came from. I'm fairly good at getting the daily chores {like dishes} and the weekly chores {like bathrooms, laundry and vacuuming} done, because it's become a habit. But I have a hard time remembering, or figuring out a time to get things cleaned that don't need to be done regularly. The purpose of the list is to help remind me of those things and to establish a time to do it.

I figured that I would choose one day a week to focus on cleaning/organizing.  I decided on Mondays because I tend to be in a cleaning mood anyway for some reason.
Yearly Cleaning Plan

I organized my list into 4 main categories - Monthly Grocery Shopping, a Yearly Cleaning list, a Twice a Year list, and a Monthly list.

Each week I will work on a different section of the list. The first week of the month I will do my grocery shopping. Since I do 95% of all my grocery shopping in one big trip, and since that takes up my whole day, I chose not to add any other cleaning projects that day.

The second week of the month, I will work on an item that only needs to be cleaned once a year.

The third week of the month I work through the monthly cleaning list.

The fourth week I will do something that I feel needs to be done twice a year.

I've also included some extra items that I don't want to forget about. And a weekly cleaning list.

Below is my list. Feel free to copy and paste it into word document and then change it up to fit your life. I also have a printable version: Yearly Cleaning Plan. Or you can pin the image above and come back later.

Monthly Grocery Shopping – Week 1

Once a Year Cleaning List – Week 2
January – Clean and organize inside of kitchen cabinets
February – Clean outside of kitchen cabinets
March – Pull up the vents and vacuum out the dust and crumbs. Wipe down the vents.
April – Wash the window blinds and window sills
May – Do a thorough weeding outside.
June – Wash windows
July – Wash the doors and door jams
August – Thoroughly wash the table and chairs {all the legs and everything}
September – Canning season
October – Go through 72 hour kits, update food and clothing
November – Clean bathroom cabinets, baseboards and walls
December – Christmas

Once a Month Cleaning List – Week 3                                                Extra
Clean fridge – outside                                                                           Mop Laundry Room
Clean dishwasher – inside and out                                                         Mop Entry       
Clean stove/oven – outside                                                                    Clean out Vacuum Filter
Clean Microwave – inside and out                                                          Clean out a closet/drawer
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum basement                                                                                 Weekly Cleaning
Sweep Porch                                                                                        Bathrooms
Kitchen Sink                                                                                         Sweep/Mop
Twice a year Cleaning List – Week 4                                                 Wash Sheets
January & July - Clean fridge – inside                                                 
February & August-  Clean baseboards
June & November - Clean kitchenette in basement
March & September - Clean/Organize Garage
April & October- Go through kid’s clothes

I've put wash sheets on the weekly cleaning list. However I have a confession: I am horrible at it. With 5 beds in the house, it just seems overwhelming to try to wash them all once a week, so I ended up just not washing them. My new plan is wash 1-2 sets of sheets each week, then over the month they'll all get washed at least once.
How often do you wash sheets? How often are you supposed to wash them?

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