Monday, March 16, 2015

DIY Pearl Cluster Earrings

Remember the twisted pearl bracelet I made? Well, I decided that I needed some earrings to go with it. I recently saw a tutorial from my fellow Cousin Ambassador Lisa Crone on how to make a 12 bead bauble. I knew it would be perfect for these pearl cluster earrings!

Pearl Cluster Earrings
I started out using the same pearls that I used for the bracelet. But the baubles kept turning out squarish and not at all what I was wanting. I think the problem was that they are rice shaped instead of round.

DIY Pearl Cluster Earrings
Then I remembered some pearls I had picked up at a yard sale that were very similar except that they had the holes drilled at an angle. I gave it a try and it turned out just as I had imagined.

DIY Pearl Cluster Earrings
I used a 12-bead bauble tutorial by Lisa Crone. Once I had made the bauble, I just added a crimp bead to each end of the wire and stuck the wire through the earring, then the crimp bead and crimped it in place.

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