Monday, March 30, 2015

Turquoise and Copper Bracelet - Cousin Creative Circle Blog Hop

My fellow Cousin ambassador Dawn had this great idea to do a blog hop. We all started out with the same materials and were given over a month to come up with a jewelry piece. I'm super excited to see what everyone made.  Make sure to read through to the bottom where I'll have links to the other bloggers projects.

Turquoise and Copper Bracelet
I don't know what it is lately, but I've been having a bit of a creative slump. I pulled out the supplies a couple times, started one bracelet that's still not done, and finally came up with this. I love the combination of the turquoise and copper.

Turquoise and Copper Bracelet

Want to make your own?

You will need:
Copper Chain
Turquoise Glass Beads
Copper Findings Starter Pack
Jewelry Pliers
Wire Cutters
How to Make a Turquoise and Copper Bracelet

 1 - Add a large turquoise bead to an eye pin and form a loop at the other end. Do this with four beads.

2 - Cut two 2" pieces of chain and one 1" piece of chain.

3 - With jump rings connect the chain with two of the beads in the following order: 2" chain, bead, 1" chain, bead, 2" chain. {At this point I ended up removing a single link of chain from each end, because it was too long for my wrist.}

4 - Cut two 3" pieces of chain and two 3 1/2" pieces of chain.

5 - Now with these pieces of chain and the remaining beads we'll make two more strands for the bracelet. Attach with jump rings a 3" piece of chain, bead and 3 1/2" piece of chain. Repeat. When we attach them to the bracelet we don't want the beads to line up with each other, so flip one of the strands the opposite way.

6 - Cut a 7 1/2" piece of chain.

7 - Attach all the chains together at each end with a jump ring. While doing this you may need to trim off a piece of chain here or there so they are the same length.

8 - Add a lobster clasp to one end with a jump ring.  Add an extra jump ring to the opposite end.

Now for the dangle charm.

9 - Insert small copper bead onto eye pin and form a loop at the other end.

10 - Insert small blue bead onto a head pin, form a loop and attach that loop to the loop of the copper bead.

11 - Attach to the charm to the jump ring near the clasp.

Turquoise and Copper Bracelet

I also made some quick earrings.

Copper Dangle Earrings
 Basically I took the charms from the 7pc metal copper charms set and attached them to an earring. Can't get much easier than that.

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I am a member of the Cousin Creative Circle. I receive product from Cousin Corporation of America. In return, I create jewelry pieces from that product, and share about them through my blog and other social media outlets. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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