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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

I'm loving the wire earrings I'm seeing everywhere, so I decided to make my own version. Using Swarovski beads bring these circle earrings a little extra sparkle. If you're new to working with wire this is a great project to try since it's fairly easy.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

So grab some wire, a few beads and findings and let's get started.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

You will need:
24 gauge silver wire
6mm bicone beads
10mm pear shaped pendant bead
jump rings
How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

1- Wrap wire around a circular object six times {I used a king sized Sharpie}. Cut wire from spool leaving a couple inches of excess.
2 - Stretch and space out wire so there are five different sizes of circles and the short end of the wire is at a right angle pointing up.
3 - Add 5 pink beads and move them along he wire until they are on the second largest loop of wire.
4 - Wrap the longer end of wire one around the top of the loops.
5 - Add the pear pendant to this wire.
6 - Wrap the wire on each side of the pendant 3 times around the top of the loops. Clip excess wire
7 - Insert jump ring to the top of the loops.
8 - With another jump ring, attach an earwire to the jump ring at the top of the loops.
9 - Repeat for other earring.

How to Make Wire Circle Earrings

There you have it, a beautiful set of wire circle earrings.

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