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Monday, August 15, 2016

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet

Today I have a fun bracelet and earring set to share with you. I made them with buttons - fabric covered buttons.

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet
They are pretty simple to make and the colors and patterns are as endless as the fabrics in your stash.

To begin, I'll show you how to cover a button.You will need a fabric covered button kit. I got a few different sizes. It will come with the button front, the button back, a template, and the little plastic molds. It should also come with instructions.

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet
1 - Trace your fabric with the template and cut it out.

2 - Set the fabric inside the plastic mold and put the button front inside the mold.

3 - Fold the excess fabric toward the middle and place the back on top. With the blue part of the mold press down until it snaps together.

For the earrings, I made sure to remove the button loop on the back before assembling the button. Then I simply added earring posts to the back with E6000 glue and let dry overnight before wearing.

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet

For the bracelet, I left the button loops on. I slid a bracelet chain through the button holes. So that they wouldn't slide around I attached each button to the chain with jump rings.

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet

I used fabric that was left after I had hemmed a dress - so it matches perfectly.

Fabric Covered Button Earrings and Bracelet
There's just the slightest silvery sheen to these buttons where you can see the metal through the fabric. It's hard to capture with a camera but I love the effect.

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