Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Kitchen Makeover

So my kitchen got some new curtains. And some of my accessories got some new paint. I updated my kitchen during the summer. It's about time I shared! I'm not one of those people who re-decorate my house often. I get it how I like it and then it stays for quite a while.  I'll add something new here and there, and I change up my seasonal decor, but especially in the kitchen, it has been the same for several years. This is not a total makeover, but more of a refreshed look.
Kitchen Curtains

Here's the old look. I made these green curtains in 2013. I was really into green and and it's still one of my favorite colors. But I needed a change.

Kitchen Makeover  When I found this fabric, I knew it would be ideal. It has green, but it also has blue. Perfect! I could keep some of my green decor, but also introduce a new color with the blue. It's hard to see the curtain, but if you look above the window, I used the same fabric on the display.  I love the flowery design and the color combo.
Kitchen Makeover
 It was easy to grab a couple cans of spray paint and update a few of the things in the kitchen. The hanging basket, newly painted blue, was moved and displays the kitchen towels that my mom embroidered for me.

I recovered the decor above the window with some leftover fabric and hot glue.

For the flower piece above the window, I used a garbage sack to cover the base, then spray painted the flower a darker turquoise. Once it was dry, I painted over it lightly with a paintbrush using lighter blue paint. I was sure not to paint in the grooves. This gave it a bit of a two-tone look.

Those of you who have been around the blog since the beginning, might remember when I made this spice rack.
DIY Spice Rack

One of the things I love about making things for myself, is that I can customize it to fit my space and my style. The spice rack fit perfectly in the space, but I decided that it needed a back and some color. I quickly nailed a piece of beadboard to the back and gave it a new look with paint, using the same two-tone method I used with the flower above. I also added the word "spices" to the middle shelf. I cut out the letters with vinyl, placed them on after the darker blue, then painted right over the top of the letters with the light blue. Once dry, I simply peeled off the vinyl. I adore this new look.

How to Make a Spice Rack
I also added a measuring spoon rack with some old barnwood from my Grandpa. You can read more about how to make your own measuring spoon rack here.

Barnwood Measuring Spoon Rack

The office area of the kitchen also got updated. I added some fresh paint to the mail holder. And wrapped my pencil cans with the coordinating fabric. I made a new curtain under the drawer to hide all my junk :)

Kitchen Office

I redid my memo board with the new fabric and paint as well. You can see a my original tutorial for the memo board here. I used the same process, just different fabric/ribbon.

DIY Memo Board

 I really am loving my "new" kitchen. It's sometimes the little things that make us feel at home. Some new curtains and some repainted items make it feel like a whole new space.

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