Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Make a Fall Floral and Pinecone Wreath

Make your own fall wreath using flowers and pinecones. Pine cones add a natural element to the wreath.

The flowers I chose were a neutral off-white with just a hint of yellow. Finish off this easy DIY with some burlap ribbon and you have a classy wreath for your front door.

How to Make a Fall Flower and Pinecone Wreath

I've really been loving the neutral fall look and wanted to create a wreath for my front door to use this fall.

In all the years I've been crafting and creating, I have not attempted very many wreaths.

In fact, the few attempts I have made have not been good.

I was a bit timid, but decided to just go for it. I'm so glad I did. I really like how it turned out.

How to Make a Fall Flower and Pinecone Wreath

How to make a fall wreath using flowers and pine cones. Off-white flowers paired with rustic pine cones and a burlap bow create a timeless wreath for your front door. #pineconeflowers #flowerwreath #pineconewreath #fallwreath #DIYflowerwreath #diypineconewreath #howtomakeafallwreath
Once again, I did a video. I'm still learning, but you'll get the idea.

I turned off the camera while I was trying to decide on what type of bow to do and forgot to turn it back on. So the wreath very abruptly receives a bow.

Tips to creating a wreath {from an amateur} 

1. Use different sizes of flowers in your wreath. 

I used 3 different sizes. A few large ones for a focal area, and two smaller sizes that I added together around the rest of the wreath. The smallest ones were great for filling in gaps.

How to Make a Fall Flower and Pinecone Wreath

2. Use elements, like pine cones, that you find in nature.

I feel it adds a personal, and even sentimental value to a craft. I went as far as my front yard for the large pinecones.  But using pinecones from a camping trip will bring back memories each time you see it.

How to Make a Fall Flower and Pinecone Wreath

3. To make the pinecone flower discs - watch the video{above}!  

Basically, the pinecones I use are very fibrous. It's tough to cut them apart, but it is possible. I used a scroll saw. In the past, I've used a hand saw - see my pinecone flowers posts.

How to Make a Fall Flower and Pinecone Wreath

I have been a little bit obsessed about wreaths lately. In preparation for creating this one, I pinned quite a few.  Follow me on Pinterest for more great wreath ideas!

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  1. That is really pretty! I love the addition of a few pinecones here and there. Pinned.

  2. So pretty! I love the pinecones/flowers mix. It looks fall-ish, but not too much which, for a summer loving girl like me is just perfect.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  3. A very original wreath, I love the soft tones. Thanks for sharing it on the Blogger's Pit Stop. I sent you and invite to my Pinterest Board Let's Create Craft I would love to see your craft there. I love your jewelry, I do some bead work but not jewelry as yet.
    Blogger's Pit Stop