Tuesday, October 6, 2020

DIY Mike Wazowski Costume

One of my favorite kids movies has got to be Monster's Inc. I love watching the beginning scenes when Mike and Sulley are walking to work and you see all the monsters. The Pixar animators are just geniuses - where do they even think of all the ideas?!

So when Cricut proposed a last minute Halloween costume campaign, I decided that a simple Mike Wazowski costume would be the perfect quick and easy costume to make for Halloween.  

DIY Mike Wazowski Costume

This costume uses minimal supplies - just a green t-shirt, some black and white iron-on vinyl. That's it! Of course you'll use your trusty Cricut machine and EasyPress to cut the vinyl and iron it into place.

Cricut sponsored the video for this post. 


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Collage of Mike Wazowski t-shirt costume
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Supplies for Mike Wazowski costume


A link to the video tutorial is at the end of the instructions. 

Begin by opening the Monster Mike file in Cricut Design Space. I modified a paid file, which means you will also need to pay $1.99 to have access to the file. 

Adjust the size of the file to fit the shirt you are using. I'm using an extra large t-shirt, so I made mine about 11 1/2 inches long by 8 1/2 inches wide. Measure the shirt and adjust accordingly.

green t-shirt with vinyl cutouts to make a Mike Wazowski costume

Now cut the vinyl. I did a mirror image, but honestly with this project it doesn't really matter if you mirror it. 
Make sure you place the vinyl with the shiny side down on the mat. 

Once the vinyl is cut, it's time to iron it on. Cricut has some great tips on how to layer vinyl. It was really helpful for me to read it. If you have not layered vinyl before, I recommend reading their tips.

monster eye shirt

When you are adding your second layer of vinyl, MAKE SURE THE FIRST LAYER IS COMPLETELY COVERED before ironing.  If the plastic carrier sheet of the second layer doesn't cover the vinyl that is already applied to the shirt, you will need to cover it with the original backing. OR you can use a large sheet of parchment paper. Just make sure the vinyl doesn't come in direct contact with your EasyPress or iron. Once both layers are ironed on, you costume is done! Told you it was easy!

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As I was browsing through Cricut Design Space for Monster costume ideas, I came up with a few more Halloween t-shirt ideas. As I get them posted, I'll link them below.
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Mike wazowski t-shirt costume

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