Thursday, October 8, 2020

DIY Monster Eyes Halloween T-Shirt

Make a fun monster eyes t-shirt for Halloween. Make it your own with different colored iron-on vinyl and/or t-shirt.  

DIY Monster Eyes t-shirt

I recently shared a Mike Wazowski t-shirt costume. When I was perusing Cricut Design Space for that project, I came up with a few more Halloween t-shirt ideas. I decided to make a monster with tons of eyes. I combined two different files to create this new monster. 
I also made a candy monster t-shirt and a simple jack-o-lantern t-shirt


This project uses the technique of layering vinyl. I just recently have begun my journey into the world of iron-on vinyl. This is the first time I've layered vinyl right on top of vinyl. I was pleased with the results.
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supplies needed for monster eyes t-shirt


A link to the video tutorial is at the end of the instructions. 
Begin by opening the Monster Eyes file in Cricut Design Space. 

Adjust the size of the file to fit the shirt you are using. I'm using an extra large kids t-shirt, so I made mine about 10 inches long by 9 inches wide. Measure the shirt and adjust accordingly.

getting ready to cut vinyl for monster t-shirt

Next, cut the vinyl.  Make sure you place the vinyl with the shiny side down on the mat. 

Once the vinyl is cut, it's time to iron it on. I started with the black monster outline and then layered the eyeball pieces. (see below for layering tips)

Beginning with the white eyeballs, I placed them all inside the monster outline. I found it best to trim the extra carrier sheet pretty close to the vinyl for all the eyeballs. That way, it wasn't in the way of the other pieces.

Once all the white was on, I added the colored pieces of the eyes. 

And lastly, I added the black pieces, lining them up with the colored pieces.


When layering vinyl, there are a few things you should do. 

First, check the type of vinyl you are using and then follow best practices for that specific vinyl. I'm using Cricut's Everyday Iron-on.

Cricut has some great guidelines when it comes to layering vinyl. Basically, you want to press for only 1-3 seconds and then remove the transfer carrier. Add your next layer, press for 1-3 seconds and remove carrier. Repeat with all layers. The final layer you will press for 15 seconds and then press again from the back of the project for 10-15 seconds.

TIP: Make sure all layers of vinyl are NOT exposed directly to the EasyPress or Iron. Use a large piece of parchment paper or an large piece of the vinyl carrier to cover all layers before pressing.

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monster eyes t-shirt

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