Friday, September 3, 2021

20+ EASY Recipes to Serve with Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes are one of our favorite dinners in the summertime. They're quick to make and taste so good. Want to know a good side dish to serve with sloppy joes? Then read on to find over 20 recipes that are perfect side dishes.


Sloppy joe sandwiches are an easy dinner that is perfect for any night, whether it's busy weeknight or a lazy Saturday. They are a breeze to make with a can of Manwich. But honestly it doesn't take that much more effort to make your own delicious sloppy joe sauce.  Whether you make your own homemade sauce or not, you will need side dish to serve with this hearty sandwich.

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collage of side dish recipes that pair well with sloppy joes
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Sloppy joes are a family favorite for many Americans. Classic sloppy joes are made with simple ingredients, ground meat coated with a tomato sauce and placed on a hamburger bun with a slice of cheddar cheese.

My version uses a couple tablespoons of brown sugar and some Worcestershire sauce that really gets my taste buds singing. But what do we serve with them? 

My go-to side dish to serve with sloppy joes is French fries, carrot sticks with ranch and dill pickles. It's so easy to throw some frozen fries in the oven while your cooking up the sloppy joes. 

My husband's favorite thing to eat with them is potato chips. He uses the chips to scoop up any sloppy joe filling that has fallen out of his sandwich. It's the perfect combination.

But sometimes we want something a little more exciting. So I've gathered up a variety of favorite side dishes for sloppy joes that make for a delicious meal the whole family will love.

Pasta Side Dishes

Nothing speaks classic comfort food better than pasta. Pasta salad or mac and cheese make a great side dish for homemade sloppy joes. Find several varieties below.

collage of pasta recipes

Potato Side Dishes

Adding a side of potatoes (in one of it's many forms) makes for an easy dinner that's sure to please. 
collage of different homemade fries

Vegetable Side Dishes

There's something refreshing about veggies as a side dish. You can always go with something simple like opening up a can of green beans, or whipping up a garden salad. Vegetables are always a healthier option. 

If you want something extra special try one of these amazing vegetable side dishes with your next sloppy joe dinner.

collage of vegetable side dishes

Other Side Dishes

Here's a few more side dish ideas that would be great with sloppy joes. 

Reader's Favorite Sides

What is your favorite side dish for Sloppy Joes? Leave a comment and I'll add it to this section.


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