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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ruffle Scripture Bags

Can I tell you how sick I am of making ruffly things?  They take forever.  But they turn out so cute that I'm glad I did it. I started out making ruffle Christmas dresses for my girls. Then I made ruffle bows for their hair. Lastly I made these cute ruffle scripture bags.

I started with a free pattern and instructions found here. Then I added my own twist.

I have made two other bags using this pattern. I have never added the snap.

This bag is made using the original pattern with no changes other than to shorten the length of the handles.

Here is one I made for my son using one color. It was even easier to make.

For the ruffle bags I made a few changes: I changed the size, made it all one color and added pockets and ruffles.

I hope it won't be too confusing, but please refer here for the basics of making this bag.  I will show you what I did differently.

First of all I made the bag a bit smaller.   
Here are the measurements I used:
2 handles: 3" x 20"
2 interfacing handles: 3" x 20"
4 bag panels: 10" x 12" (2 for liner, 2 for outer panel) - cut 2" squares out of the bottom corners
2 interfacing: 10" x 12"
2 pockets: 6" x 9"
4 ruffles: 6" x 36"

The first thing you need to do is sew the pockets onto the liner pieces.

Fold the one long edge of the pocket down 1/4 inch, press, fold down again, press again. Then stitch. This will be the top of your pocket.

Fold and press down 1/4 inch the sides and bottom of pockets.

Pin in place and then stitch.  Note: I put the pocket to close to the top. It needed to be about an inch lower.

If desired you can stitch down the center to make a double pocket.  I did this on one of the pockets and the other one I left as a big pocket.

Now follow the steps to constructing the bag as found here until you get to the last step (Note: Since we aren't using two colors of fabric, but instead one full piece you can construct the outer bag the same way as the liner.)

Before completely assembling the bag we need to add our ruffles. Take your outer bag and measure and draw lines with a fabric pencil. I spaced my ruffles at 2, 4 and 6 inches from the top of the bag (after it was pressed down 1/2 inch).

You'll notice my bag isn't sewn up all the way. I found when I did the second bag that it was easier to have it all sewn up first before adding the ruffles.

The top ruffle you need to sew it lengthwise with right sides together. Then turn right side out. Sew a basting stitch and gather. I did it this way because the top of the top ruffle is visible.

With wrong sides together and using a basting stitch sew the remaining ruffles down the length. Gather.

Sew together the ends of the ruffles so it makes one continuous loop. You can do this before or after you gather. (or somewhere in the middle of gathering like I did here)

Starting with the bottom ruffle, pin, then sew it onto the bag. Work your way up the bag.  Once all the ruffles are sewn on finish assembling your bag following these instructions.

Now enjoy all the nice comments you'll hear when others see these darling little bags.

Find out more about this cute pea coat here.

Don't they go just perfectly with their Christmas dresses?

I love them!!

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