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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Make a Scarf using Sashay Yarn and your fingers

I've been seeing these cute scarfs everywhere I go. My sister-in-law showed me how to make them. A big thank you to her! 
They are super easy to make and you don't need any knowledge of crocheting or knitting. And they only take an hour to make! Another plus is the cost. You can make two scarves with one skein of yarn which costs around $5. That's only $2.50 per scarf!

My 10 year old made one this green one all by herself. And she let me take pictures so you could all learn how too.
This is what the yarn looks like. I've seen a few different brands, but Red Heart is the most commonly found around here.

To begin, unravel the whole skein of yarn. I know it sounds crazy, but you need to cut it in half. Find the middle and cut. Now you are ready to start the scarf. Spread the yarn apart and it will look like this.

 Place your fingers in four consecutive holes. Notice how we left a little bit of yarn on the right. We'll finish that off later.

 This next round you will put 4 more consecutive holes on each finger.   It will be a bit tight, but don't worry it will get easier.

 Now pull the bottom string up over the top string and over the top of your finger.

 Repeat this with each finger.

With every row from now on, you will skip a hole between each finger. So as you start the row, grab the very first hole, but after that skip a hole between your fingers. 

 Here's another picture to help explain.

Now you need to repeat this process over and over until you run out of yarn. When you get to the end leave a few inches to finish it off.

Finishing the end of your sashay scarf:
1 - This is about how much you want left when it's time to finish off.
2 - Separate the yarn in the middle at the end.
3- Continue to unravel until you get close to your fingers.
4 - Thread one half of the unraveled yarn up through the the loop on the finger closest to the end of yarn.
5 - Thread through the next finger coming from the bottom
6 - Thread through last two fingers, coming from bottom each time and pull the loops off your fingers.
7 -Tie each piece of yarn as you would if you were starting to tie your shoe.
8 - Repeat to form a knot.
9 - Trim yarn close to knot.

Now tie off the beginning end of the scarf.

Repeat steps 1-3 above to unravel yarn in the middle. Then tie in a knot and trim the ends {Steps 7-9 above}

YAY! You are done!

But what happens if you need to quit in the middle before you're done?

 Grab a pen and use it to hold the loops. Stick the pen up through each loop. The kind of pen pictured above is great for this, it can hold the loops without worrying that they will fall off the end of the pen.

UPDATE: After receiving a comment about what the back should look like, I realized that it would be easiest to just show everyone.

Another UPDATE 6/27/13: I had a question about unraveling the the yarn when you get to the end. Hopefully this collage will help you understand how to do that better:

 1- Spread out the yarn so that you can see the honeycomb-like pattern. 
2 -Find the middle and pull gently until it comes apart. At this point it comes apart pretty easy. Especially when you use both your hands and are not trying to take a picture :)
3 - Do you see those two small little strings the arrow is pointing to? You will pull on the first string to unravel it. 
4 - Now pull out the remaining string.
5 - You will repeat steps 3 & 4. The bottom arrow is showing where you will unravel. The top arrow is the string that is unraveling to separate the pieces.
Hope this is a little more clear.

I promise you will be addicted once you make one of these scarfs. Here are some of the other ones we made.

Which color is your favorite? I really like the pink one I made my 3 year old.

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