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Monday, March 4, 2013

Clean Your House in 10 Minutes a Day - Kitchen

I'm starting a new series today. I don't have a problem keeping the dishes done, the bathrooms fairly clean and the house picked up {at least at the end of the day}. What I DO have a problem with is those housekeeping chores that don't need to be done on a daily or weekly basis. If it's not in the regular routine I don't remember to do it.

So here's what I've decided to do. Each week day I will spend 10 minutes a day and pick something to clean or organize. The next week I will share with you what I did, and how long it ended up taking. {I originally wanted to do 5 minutes a day, but after doing it for a week, most things took longer than I thought they would.}

The 10 minutes a day are in addition to doing dishes, picking up, bathroom cleaning and floors. At our house dishes get done at least twice a day and we pickup as we go, but especially before bed. Saturday is cleaning day and the kids and myself all have jobs. That's when we get the bathrooms cleaned and the floors vacuumed, swept and sometimes mopped.

This week I focused on the kitchen.

Monday - Cleaned the outside of dishwasher and fridge - 3 minutes
Tuesday - Cleaned microwave, inside, out and top - 7 minutes
Wednesday - It was one of those days - 0 minutes
Thursdays - Cleaned Stove Hood - 10 minutes
Friday - Cleaned Stove - 50 minutes
Saturday - Saturday Jobs

Monday I cleaned the outside of the fridge and dishwasher. They weren't super dirty and I had some helpers so they were cleaned in no time.

 Tuesday I tackled the microwave. I hate a dirty microwave, so it wasn't too bad inside, but the top was covered in dust.

Thursday I cleaned the stove hood. It was covered in dust and grease. I sprayed it with an all purpose cleaner and it took of the dust but did absolutely nothing for the grease. Then I remembered my mom telling me that a baking soda paste was good for grease. So that's what I did. I dumped some baking soda in a bowl and added water to make a paste. I rubbed the baking soda paste on with a paper towel and scrubbed. I then washed off all the residue and finished it off with a stainless steel cleaner/polisher to shine it up.  I was super pleased with the results. It looks brand new again.

Friday - After my success with the hood, I decided to attempt to clean the stove. My stovetop stays pretty clean. I wash it each day when I do dishes, but I don't always remember to clean the part where all the knobs are. After 11 years it was starting to show. I used the same method as the stove hood, but it took much longer. I think part of the reason is was more greasy. The other part of it was that I had to clean around things.  I took off the knobs, but there were still things poking out that made it harder to clean. I thought this would take maybe 20 minutes and I was okay with that since I didn't do anything on Wednesday. But it took over double that amount of time. So don't tackle the stove if you only want to spend 10 minutes.

I hope this is motivating. I think that most of us can squeeze in 10 minutes {most} days.  I'd love to hear about what you've accomplished in 10 minutes today. 

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