Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Resurrection Rolls

Each Easter season, our family makes Resurrection Rolls. It's a fun tradition that the kids absolutely love.

Each ingredient in the recipe represents something from the Resurrection story.
Put everything together and bake. When the rolls are done they're empty just like the empty tomb.

Resurrection Rolls

Resurrection Rolls

We started doing this when my son {whose now 17} was a baby.  We make Resurrection rolls each year around Easter.  We read some scriptures and talk about the importance of the Resurrection.

Symbols for Resurrection Rolls

  • Crescent rolls - represent the cloth that Jesus body was wrapped in {Matt 27:59}
  • Large marshmallow - represents Jesus and His purity
  • Melted butter - represents the oils of embalming {Luke 23:56}
  • Cinnamon & sugar - represents the spices used to anoint the body of Jesus {Luke 23:56}
  • Oven - represents the tomb {Matt 27:60}
collage of resurrection rolls

How to make Resurrection Rolls

  1. Preheat oven to 350. 
  1. Dip the marshmallow in butter and then the cinnamon sugar. 
  1. Wrap the crescent roll around the marshmallow and pinch edges. 
  1. Place on a greased baking sheet.
  1. Bake for 10-12 minutes {This is the 3 days and nights}
  1. Open the "cloth" and find that Jesus is no longer there. HE IS RISEN! {Matt 28:6}

steps for making resurrection rolls

My kids look forward to this every year. They are actually pretty tasty too.  Make sure to use fresh marshmallows. The ones I used this year I'd had for a while. They didn't all melt very well. 

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Resurrection Rolls



  1. This is great. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Resurrection Cookies, but this recipe seems like it might be a little easier for my kids since they are so young. I'm going to use this recipe!!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I've never heard of these but I am all for a tasty new Easter tradition. Thanks for sharing at our party this week.

  3. Hi! Visiting from tt&j. How awesome! I have never heard of these.. Im going to have to make some for Easter! Thanks for the amazing message.. Im going to pin these :)

    I would love for you to share these at my Friday link party!

  4. This is such a great tradition! I love the connection that the kids can make. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.

  5. We made the resurrection rolls on the Saturday before Easter...I posted about it on my blog...

    It was such a wonderful activity. Again, thank you so much for sharing this!!