Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Can Deer Meat

 About two weeks ago, my husband came home with a deer. We already have a freezer full of elk meat, so what else do you do with it? Well we make bottled deer meat. It comes out super tender and with the addition of peppers and onions, it is super flavorful as well.

Want to know how I can deer meat?

 Before you get started, check out my canning tips.

Step 1 - cut all your meat up into roughly 1 inch pieces. I did this one day, stored it in the fridge overnight and bottled it the next day.

Step 2 - Layer chopped green peppers and onions in the bottom of your jars. I used about 1/3 of a large green pepper and 1/3 of a small yellow onion in each quart jar. Then sprinkle with 1/2 t. canning salt.

Step 3 - Brown the meat. You can add salt and pepper while you do this if you like. It does not have to be completely cooked, just browned. It will cook in the pressure cooker.

Step 4 - Place the meat in the jar.

Step 5 - Add hot water to the jar, then place the lid and ring on.

Step 6 - Process in pressure cooker at 10 pounds pressure for 1 1/2 hours for quarts. 1 hr 15 min. for pints.

What do we use this deer meat for?  I want to expand a little over the next year, but mostly we use it for either a quick sub sandwich or on nachos. Since the meat is already cooked, all that is required is heating it up. Can you say dinner in 5 minutes? Seriously!


  1. I can venison all the time too--love those hunting hubbies. I've never added any peppers so I may have to try that. Mostly we use our venison stew meat to add to quick stew.

    Check out soup starter recipe. You may find you like that added to your list of uses. This is one of our favorite venison meals.

  2. I add lipton onion soup mix to my deer meat when I can it. This adds a lot of flavor to the meat.
    One of the meals that I make is beef and Noodles (oops-deer and noodles) I add a packet of beef gravy mix to the deer meat mix with the cooked noodles. My family likes this served with mashed potatoes. Not necessarily diet friendly but so soothing on a cold winter night.
    I also make a beef stew with cooked potatoes, carrots, peas and onions. I cook the vegetables in beef consume and then add the deer meat and a packet of beef gravy mix.