Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pink Girls Bedroom

Today I was going to show you my living room. But again, I have not had time to get any pictures. So I'm going to share my youngest daughter's bedroom. I cleaned it out really well the week school started and snapped pictures then. It's a good thing, because it got messy again pretty quickly.

This room started out looking like this:
I loved this room. I did it when my oldest was about 18 months old. The room started off white. I taped off the picket fence and rolled on the blue and sponged on the green. I stenciled all the flowers. I also stenciled some flowers on her bed and dresser which are now in her room downstairs. The room was a ton of work and took hours and hours to do. I don't think I ever would have changed it, except we had a leak coming into the wall from the outside. One of the walls had to be replaced. I snapped this picture right before we started painting over it.
The only thing we really salvaged from the original room was the pooh bear vinyl stickers.

So here it is now, 
The little frames with the kitty's in them are made from an old shirt. You can read more about it here.

I also repainted this dresser and shared about it here. I love having a dresser for each of the kids. We spent many years sharing dressers, and finally last year I'd had enough cramming and we got two more at yard sales.

Do you see those little log house banks and the wooden chest? Yeah, my dad made them, he's so talented!

I did clean the room and pick things up, but I decided to leave their things on their dresser. I know it may look cluttered, but this is real life and everyone I know puts things on their dressers besides just decorative items.

Every little girl has to have some baby dolls.

Here's her quilt that I just recently made. If you'd like to make your own check out my tutorial.  Under the bed I have old dresser drawers for storage. It works well. We also keep this basket by the bed to toss books into after we read each night. Once it's full we put them back on the bookshelf.

The bookshelf used to be in the living room, I decided to move it in here. One of these days I may even paint it to match the room.

Here's the closet. You may notice that we have no doors. Before we finished the basement, we had two beds and a dresser in this room. In order to get it to fit we had to remove the doors. We haven't put them back, and I don't think we will any time soon. Bi-fold doors just seem to get in the way.

And there's her magnet board. Inside the princess chair is all of her dress-up dresses and shoes.

I'm really wishing it still looked this nice, but right now you can barely walk to the bed because there are so many toys out. I was too tired to try and help her pick it up tonight.

Am I the only one who gets worn out picking things up only to have everything back out before breakfast the next morning?

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  1. This would be why many times I vacuum right before I go to bed. So my house is clean for a couple hours, albeit while no one is awake, before it becomes a disaster area again.

    When my kids do clean it seems they catch "the vision" for just a brief period of time before we're back to junkiness.

    It may also be due to the fact we have too much stuff, which I am also trying to remedy.

  2. so cute! I love the kitty frames - what a great idea. Now I know how to use that little shirt (or two) that was such a favorite but no longer wearable. thanks!