Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ivory and Gold Bracelet

I just love the clasp on this bracelet. It's the nuts and bolts toggle from Prima Bead. It's perfect for a diy girl like myself.  I also really like the beads - they're called bicone mirror beads and they come in all different colors. Half of the bead has a reflective coating. It gives it a nice shimmery effect that I LOVE!

Ivory and Gold Bracelet

 I took some pictures while I was making it, but they turned out awful. Plus, I didn't take them of the whole process. I'm not sure what I was thinking. So I hope the instructions are clear enough that you can make it without step-by-step pictures.

Ivory and Gold Bracelet

Designed by: Rachel

Metal Toggle Clasp
Cream Bicone Mirror Beads   
Large Hole Star Mix
 .8mm Stretch Cord
Crimp Tubes

Tools Needed:
Wire Cutters
Crimping Pliers


1 - Cut (4) 12” lengths of stretch cord.

2 – Using 4 crimp tubes attach each cord to the toggle end. Clip excess cord .

3 – String 12 beads onto each cord

4 – Thread a gold star large hole bead onto all 4 of the strands.

5 – String 12 beads onto each cord.

6 – Thread the other gold star large hole bead onto all 4 of the strands.

7 – String 12 beads onto each cord.

8 – Attach each strand to the other toggle end with its own crimp tube. Be sure to keep the strands tight and even with each other.  Get all 4 crimp tubes in place before clamping down. Clip excess cord. 

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  1. Very pretty! I love the color of those beads. I saw those nuts and bolts clasp while I was down visiting cousin & prima! :)

  2. Love the design! The gold really does set off the crystals well.