Thursday, May 22, 2014

Berry Trifle Recipe

I made myself a special treat for Mother's Day this year - Berry Trifle. Can I just tell you how good this is? Fresh fruit, a creamy filling and angel food cake. What could be better than that?
It was the highlight of the day because my husband was super sick - like can't get out of bed for three days sick. And then three of the kids got sick. Thank goodness, I didn't ever catch it.

 But actually I'd already kind of had my Mother's Day anyway. You see, the week before my kids made me go hang out in my bedroom so they could make me something. An hour later, they had chocolate chip cookies for me. They had even cleaned up the mess. That got my husband thinking that it was Mother's Day that weekend, so he took me out to lunch on Friday. He even wished my happy Mother's Day the Sunday before. We had a good laugh when I told him it was the next week.

Berry Trifle Recipe

This recipe comes from my neighbor. It was my first attempt at trifle and I was so happy with how it turned out. Since I'd never made it before, I don't have a trifle dish. I layered it in a large glass mixing bowl. It tastes just as good, but it just doesn't look as pretty without a trifle dish. Luckily I had decided to make an individual serving to take to my mother-in-law, so I snapped a few pictures.

You can totally use premade angel food cake, but I made my own the day before. My first year of blogging, I shared a tutorial of how to make your own angel food cake.  

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Berry Trifle Recipe

1 angel food cake, cut into 1 inch cubes
2 (8 oz.) pkgs cream cheese, softened
1 c. sugar
2 c. heavy cream
1 pint blueberries, washed
3 pints strawberries, washed and sliced

Combine cream cheese and sugar together. Cream until smooth. Add heavy cream and mix for until completely combined.

Layer ingredients in trifle dish. Begin with the cake, sprinkle on half the blueberries. Dollop on half of the cream and then add half the strawberries. Repeat leaving a few blueberries to sprinkle on top.

Cover and refrigerate one hour.

Berry Trifle


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  1. Stopping by from 3glol to pin your yummy looking desert. Anything with fresh fruit is perfect in my book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yummy! I've never made a trifle, but I love all the individual ingredients. I'll have to give it a try.
    That's so funny how you got to enjoy an early Mothers Day. Haha! :D

  3. Oh delicious! I just love trifle and nothing can beat fresh berries!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up at Teach Me Tuesdays @ 3GLOL. We appreciate you!!!! Hope to see you again this week!!


  5. This is such a fantastic way to use up leftover Angel Food Cake. Thank you for sharing at Fiesta Friday Party!