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How to Make a Lace Flower

Today I have a fun tutorial for you. I'm going to show you how I made this lace flower.

It's really simple to make and will add a pretty feminine touch to any number of craft projects. 

How to Make a Lace Flower

How to Make a Lace Flower

A white lace flower is classy and will dress up any project. But there's lots of different colors and types of lace. Get creative and make it your own.  

Note: This post was originally published on July 16, 2014. 
lace flower

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Supplies needed for lace flowers

These lace flowers are really easy to make and you only need a few supplies.
  • lace
  • hot glue
  • button
  • I used 1 1/2 inch wide crochet lace, but you can try other types and varieties of lace for different looks. You will need about 10-12 inches of lace.

    Steps to Making Lace Flowers

    I've written the instructions step-by-step for you. Use this collage with the corresponding step to visualize what the instructions say.

    collage of images showing how to make a lace flower

    Step 1 - Grab your supplies. I always say use what you have if possible. You will need lace (I ended up using the 1 1/2" lace, about 10" long), a button, and hot glue.

    Step 2 - Place hot glue on the short edge of the lace and fold it under.

    Step 3 - Fold a small piece at the bottom of the ribbon and secure with hot glue.

    Step 4 - Continue with step 3 over and over until you've created a flower.

    Step 5 - Fold under the lace and hot glue so there are not raw edges.

    Step 6 - Overlap slightly where the two ends meet and hot glue in place.

    Step 7 - Hot glue a button in the center.

    Now embellish your craft! I added mine to this twine wrapped bottle.

    You may also enjoy making fabric flowers. It's another fun way to embellish your craft projects.

    lace flower

    lace flower


    1. I love making the fabric and ribbon flowers and i <3 your lace and button pairing:) Pinned

    2. Wow this is a awesome flower idea thanks so much