Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Make a Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

Learn how to make a candy cane star for the top of your tree this Christmas. It's simple, inexpensive, and easy to make!

How to Make a Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

My kids have been asking why we don't have a star at the top of the tree. The biggest reason, is that I've never see star tree toppers when I'm out shopping. Our upstairs tree has a bow on top. I'd like to get a star eventually.

This year we are fortunate enough to have a tree in the basement too {Thank you to my sister's neighbor who wasn't willing to take it when she moved cross country} The lights on the tree are colored and so I had the kids pull out all their decorations they've made over the years and we hung them along with colorful bulbs. But that still left the top of the tree bare. I found the cutest candy cane star over at Sweet Pea. I just had to try it out for the kids. It was pretty easy to make and really inexpensive - I'll walk you through it, but I'm sure you can figure it out from the pictures.

How to Make a Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

Supplies needed for your candy cane tree star tree topper:

10 candy canes
10 mints
hot glue

How to Make a Candy Cane Star - step-by-step

How to assemble your tree topper:

1 Unwrap all the candy.

2 - Glue the candy canes together so they make heart shapes. I noticed that some of my candy canes were longer than others, so I tried to match them up as best I could.

3 - Glue mints to both points of the "hearts".

4 - Wrap ribbon around the points where the mint meets the heart and glue in place

5 - Glue all your "hearts" together with the points out to create a star.

Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

I tied the candy cane star  to the top of the tree with a ribbon. My kids loved it! I think it's pretty darn cute too.

candy cane decoration


  1. Hello! I’m wondering if you feel the ribbon is needed to reinforce the glue, or if it’s just decorative? Thanks for sharing!

    1. The ribbon is mostly decorative, although it probably does add a bit of stability to it.

  2. I love this! I was searching for a tree topper that would work since my tree is close to the ceiling, this is going to go great with the Peppermint garland I made!