Friday, August 7, 2015

Barefoot Jewelry

I have often admired barefoot jewelry. But I've never taken the time to make any.  This summer I decided I'd try it out. This barefoot jewelry would be perfect for walking along the beach, or just lounging around in the backyard.
Barefoot Jewelry Tutorial

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Florida as an brand ambassador for Cousin Corporation. My kids insisted that I collect seashells for them while I was there.  I found plenty that already had little holes in them. That inspired my version of barefoot jewelry, complete with a seashell accent.

Barefoot Jewelry

These are really easy to make - my girls did most of the work! All I had to do was tie the knot at the end. I tape one end of  the elastic to the table. This prevents a lot of frustration, since the beads won't slide off the other end as they're working.
Barefoot Jewelry

You will need:
small beads - I used fuchsia and lime
stretch cord
seashell with a small hole {or you could use a larger bead}

Barefoot Jewelry

String the small beads onto the elastic cord until you have enough to wrap around your ankle. Make sure the beads are centered on the cord. Insert the seashell onto both strands of cord. Then add beads to both tails of cord until it is long enough to go around your toe. Tie the cord securely with a square knot and I always like to add a dab of glue so the knot doesn't come undone. {I use beadalon stringing glue, but superglue or E6000 would work too.}

How to Make Barefoot Jewelry

Barefoot Jewelry

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DIY barefoot jewelry

I am a member of the Cousin Creative Circle. I receive product from Cousin Corporation of America. In return, I create jewelry pieces from that product, and share about them through my blog and other social media outlets. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.

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