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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Easy Beaded Chain Multi-Strand Necklace

Easy Beaded Chain Multi-Strand Necklace

 I recently got to try out some beaded chain from Panda Hall. I love the fun, eclectic colors. I decided to make a multi-strand necklace. Each strand is a little different, but all ties in together.

Want to make one?
Here's what you need:
Beaded chain
chain {I used two slightly different kinds}
lobster clasp
jump rings

Easy Beaded Chain Multi-Strand Necklace

1 - Cut a piece of beaded chain 26" long. {I actually didn't cut it, I just opened the loop} Attach a clasp to one end with a jump ring. Add a 1 1/2" piece of chain to the other end with a jump ring.

2 - Cut a 23" piece of regular chain. Attach to the jump rings and the ends of the beaded chain.

3 - Cut 6 pieces of chain 3 1/2" long. Remove 6 sections of beaded chain that are 3 beads long. Attach beaded chain to the chain by opening the loops on the beaded chain and inserting the regular chain. Then close the loop. Repeat alternating chain with beaded chain.

4 - Attach to the other chains connecting at the jump rings at the ends of the necklace. 

Easy Beaded Chain Multi-Strand Necklace

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