Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Paint - Laundry Room Makeover

Paint can bring so much life to a room. Or it can totally ruin it! When I painted my laundry room, it started out a bit rocky. My first idea was to do a peachy/coral color called guava jelly for the walls and have accents of blue in the smaller details.  I started painting and my body filled with dread. I knew I would want to avoid this room at all costs if I painted the whole thing this color. It was absolutely horrid!

I had bought a small can of blue to use for an accent color. I tried it out on the wall and felt instant relief. So clear pond blue it was. Oddly enough, as an accent color the guava jelly was just fine.

A couple tips from a non-expert:
* Take the paint chip into the room you are painting. My laundry room has no windows. Because of the lighting, the color looks vastly different in the laundry room than it did in other places.
* Buy the small sample cans to make sure you like it before dropping $30 on a can of paint.

Here's a picture of the final color, along with a sneak peak at my shelves I built. I'll share how in the next installment. {The bottom half of the photo is the true color - the top looks kind of green}

How to Build a Shelf

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