Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Easy DIY Shelf over the Washer - Laundry Room Makeover

Easy DIY Shelf over the Washer
As I was trying to figure out what I wanted in my laundry room, I spent a bit of time on Pinterest trying to find ideas. I created a board just for laundry room ideas.

Do you follow me on Pinterest? I kept coming across the idea of a shelf above the washer and dryer.

Easy DIY Shelf over the Washer

Easy DIY Shelf over the Washer

This shelf was super easy to build. I used a 1 X 10 board and 3 metal supports. I screwed the metal supports into the wall studs.

Then I simply set the shelf on top. If you want it more secure you can screw the supports into the shelf as well.

I decided that I wanted the shelf to be easily removable, so I didn't screw it to the supports. After all, I may someday get a new washer and dryer.  But more realistically, I may someday need to move one or the other of them to fix something on them :)

Easy DIY Shelf over the WasherI make sure to keep only small items on the shelf. A painted wire basket keeps dryer sheets easily accessible. An antique mason jar holds borax, which I use every time I wash a load of whites.

A small twine wrapped jar collects coins and other small objects that get lost in pockets. A fun framed clothesline adds some whimsy.

 On the wall, I hung a couple Precious Moment cross-stitched pictures. I recently finished the one on top. My sister made me the bottom one several years ago as a Christmas present. I repainted the frames to coordinate. I also have a couple more that I made forever ago. They are on the opposite wall and you'll see them soon.

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