Thursday, December 3, 2015

Seed Bead Ornaments

Seed Bead Ornaments

Each year I seem to make a new set of ornaments for the tree. These seed bead ornaments in festive colors were my creative endeavor this year.

My kids had fun and they're simple to make....although it did take some time and they made a bit of a mess!

Want to make your own Seed Bead Ornaments? 

You will need:
glass ornaments {I would recommend small ornaments}
seed beads {courtesy of Cousin Corporation}

Seed Bead Ornaments
Originally I wanted to glue the seed beads to the outside of the ornament. But it just didn't look good. Then I was going to glue them to the inside.  That didn't work either.

What we ended up doing was simply filling the ornaments with the seed beads. The ornaments are pretty heavy, so I glued the tops on to help prevent them from popping off and the seed beads spilling everywhere.

We hung them on our tree that's in the basement. We got that one set up, but we still need to put up the main tree upstairs. The kid and my husband want to get a real one this year.

Do you do a real tree?  Or an artificial one?  Have you set it up yet?

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