Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recipe Dividers

Recipe Box Recipe Dividers

I made these cute little dividers for my recipe boxes. I know that recipe boxes are a bit old fashioned - with all the digital technology now. But I like having a card. I like being able to write changes I've made right on the card. Also my mom got me the strawberry one in the picture when I was young, so it's a bit sentimental and just the way I've always saved my recipes. I still have some of the recipes that I wrote down way back then.

Recipe Box Recipe DividersGenerally, I don't write a recipe on a card unless it's been tried multiple times first. If I love it, it earns a spot in my recipe box.

recipe dividers

After years of use, my recipe dividers were getting bent and worn. So I found some cute scrapbook paper and cut out some dividers with my Silhouette. While I was at it, I created all the categories that I wanted. I used some printable rub-ons that I got at a yard sale to label them. I have one recipe box filled mostly with yummy dinners and sides. My other box is filled with all kinds of delicious dessert recipes. You all know I love my sweets!

Recipe Box Recipe Dividers
I decided to laminate them after I'd taken pictures. Hopefully that will help them last a long time.

How do you organize your favorite recipes?

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