Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mother's Day Keychain and Necklace

Mother's Day Keychain and Necklace

Do any of you struggle with figuring out what to give the mom's in your life for Mother's Day? I know I do. Well today, I have a couple ideas for you. I had the opportunity to try out a new jewelry program that will be in Walmart stores. The program is called Mother's Day from Cousin Corporation.

Mother's Day Jewelry

 Here's what I was sent.

I immediately fell in love with the heart charm. It comes with a 12 charms, one of each of the 12 birthstone colors. What a great {and easy} way to personalize a necklace for mom.

Mother's Day Necklace

The charms all have a clasp on them. Simply select the corresponding birthstone color for each of her children and add it to the heart charm. Then string it on a necklace. I opted to use a large jump ring to connect them, but it's not necessary.

Mother's Day Necklace

I also loved this charm. I decided to use it to make a key chain. But why not personalize it as well?

Mother's Day Keychain

I got some flatback charms in the corresponding birthstone colors.  Add a dab of E6000 to the back of the crystals with a toothpick and set them in place. I found using a set of tweezers helped me to place the gems where I wanted them to go.
Mother's Day Keychain

I added it to a key chain with a large jump ring. It was a super fast project -- other than waiting for the glue to dry.

Mother's Day Keychain
I love the addition of the gems.

I hope that you've been inspired to make something personal for the mom's in your life this Mother's Day. A lot of mom's I know love jewelry. Creating a handmade piece of jewelry will make it even more special to her.

Whatever you decide to do, spending some time and thought to create something just for her will show her how much you care.

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Mother's Day Keychain and Necklace Collage


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