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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

I love making hair accessories for my girls. I made them beaded hair clips a few years ago. Last summer I made my daughter a pearl and crystal headband. Today's project is very similar. A wire and bead wrapped headband with a fun flower focal.

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband

You will need:
a metal headband 
28 g silver plate wire
4mm grey pearls
8mm X 6mm oval beads
6mm bicone beads

How to Make a Wire and Bead Wrapped Headband
 1 - Wrap wire around the headband 1/4", wrapping over the end of the wire.
2 - Add beads to the wire and continue wrapping, adding 1 or 2 beads to each wrap, depending on the size of the bead.
3 - Continue to wrap until you reach the snap. {If you are using a headband without a snap, ignore this step} Make sure as you wrap around the snap, that the two beads adjacent to the snap are the larger, flat beads. This way the beads will not interfere with the snap.
4 - Continue adding beads and wrapping until you near the end of the headband.
5 - Insert a folded over piece of wire onto the inside of the headband. Wrap the wire {without the beads} tightly over that piece of wire for 1/4". Clip the main wire so you only have a few inches of excess wire. Pull out the folded over wire and insert the end of the wire and pull tight.
6 - Add snap to headband.

I love the black and silver - it will pretty much match with everything and I can't wait for my girls to wear it.

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