Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#PrinceOfPeace: Easter Egg Banner

I love finding fun ways to count down to special events. Easter is coming up and I decided to make a fun little Easter egg banner. To help us think more of Christ during this Easter season, we will use this cute little Easter egg banner in conjunction with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints #PrinceOfPeace initiative.

This campaign is all about the peace we can feel in our lives through Jesus Christ. I have felt that peace - mostly in small everyday ways. But sometimes I have felt that peace in powerful, impactful, and unforgettable ways {you can read my story here}.

We will use this banner as a countdown of sorts. On the back of each egg is a principle of peace that we'll learn about.

Want to make your own Easter Egg Banner?

You will need:
Easter egg template
fabric {I used duck cloth}
assorted ribbons
assorted buttons
hot glue
sewing machine/thread/scissors
small clothespins

 To begin, you will need to get an Easter egg template. I'm not the best at drawing so I googled "Easter Egg Template". Tons of varieties of Easter eggs popped up. I chose one and printed it out, shrinking it to a 4 X 6 size and cut it out.

Next, I traced the egg onto fabric. I used duck cloth canvas in a cream color. Since there are 8 principles of peace, I cut out 16 eggs. One for the front and one for the back of each egg.

Gather up coordinating ribbons and buttons. I have a stash from old projects that I decided to use. I love it when I can make something without having to go to the store.
Now it's time to get creative.You can use any thing you have. At first, I thought I might use the glitter that you can see pictured. I ended up loving how the ribbon/button combos looked so I left it out. You could use foam stickers, like I did with my St. Patrick's Day Banner. Or you could embroidery them. Really you can decorate these eggs any number of ways.

I used hot glue to adhere the ribbon to the fabric, then trimmed the edges of the ribbon. The buttons that I used were a shank-type button. So I cut a small slit in the fabric with a razor blade because I wanted the shank to go through the fabric and the button to sit flatly on the top. Then I added a dab of glue to the button, then pushed the shank through the hole. For regular buttons, just add a dab of hot glue place it on the egg. Or you could sew them on if you want to get fancy.

Once I had the eggs decorated, I sewed the front, decorated egg to the back, blank egg. This is optional, but is a good idea, especially if you have a less sturdy fabric.

Print off the principles of peace chart. You can find it here. Cut out the prompts.

Update: The printable I used is no longer available. Luckily, Sheena from Little LDS Ideas created her own printable based on this same challenge. You can find her principles of peace journal cards here.  (print them smaller to fit them behind your eggs) 

To make your banner, simply attach each egg, with a prompt on the back, to a piece of ribbon using a small clothespin.

Each day we'll learn about a different principle of peace:

Scripture {God's Word}

We will go to and watch the corresponding video clip and read the corresponding scripture. Then we'll each choose one of the suggested activities to help us strengthen that principle and feel more peace in our lives.

I want my kids to learn how they can feel true inner peace in their lives. I invite you to join us in this effort.

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