Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Easy Caramel Dip Recipe- only three ingredients!

Can I tell you how much I love caramel? This sweet, chewy, soft, rich caramel is just right to use as a dip for apples. This easy caramel recipe has only three ingredients and comes together really quickly. My kids love it for an after school snack, or an after dinner dessert. I have the kids eat it with apples. Me? I eat it with a spoon! 

Easy Caramel Dip Recipe

Easy Caramel Dip Recipe 

This recipe originated from a friend of mine as well as from my mom. My mom uses as a dip for apples.

My friend uses it in a completely different, but just as yummy way. She makes two batches of rice crispy treats. Once they are set, she spreads the caramel over the top of one pan of rice crispies, then carefully places the other batch of rice crispies on top. The result is a layered caramel and crispy treat that takes the classic kid's snack to a decadent dessert.

Easy Caramel Dip Recipe

Since it's such an easy recipe, it's a great one to experiment with. Try adding it as a topping or filling to your favorite desserts, giving them a caramel twist.

If you love caramel as much as I do, you have to check out my new caramel board on pinterest. You will find my caramel apple recipe, my million dollar brownies recipe, my soft and chewy caramel popcorn recipe, PLUS all kinds of yummy caramel inspired treats from fellow bloggers, like salted caramel butter bars, and southern pecan caramel sauce.

Easy Caramel Dip Recipe

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Ready to Make your Own Caramel Dip?

Caramel Dip Recipe

1 pound wrapped caramels
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1/2 c. butter

Unwrap the caramels and place in a microwave safe bowl. Add butter and sweetened condensed milk. Microwave for several minutes, stirring every minute or two, until caramel and butter melt. Stir until well blended.

There you have it, soft, rich, gooey caramel perfect for dipping.

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