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How to Make an EASY Envelope Pillow Cover

Update your old throw pillows with this quick and easy envelope pillow cover tutorial. In about 10 minutes, using one piece of fabric and four straight seams you can learn how to sew these simple envelope pillow covers.

How to Make an Easy Envelope Pillow Cover

How to Make an Envelope Pillow Cover

Last summer I bought a few throw pillows for the bench on my front porch. I really wanted to have different pillows for the different seasons, but hated the thought of storing them all. I decided to make pillow covers with an envelope closure. They are easily switched out and take way less room to store. These DIY envelope pillows were so EASY and quick to make. Now I have some cute spring pillows!

Update: 9-12-18 I created some fun fall pillows using this same process. Go see my leaf rubbed pillows
Update your old throw pillows with this quick and easy envelope pillow cover tutorial. In about 10 minutes, you can learn to sew these pillow covers with an envelope closure. Plus learn how to calculate the fabric needed for your pillow size. #envelopepillowcovers #easypillowcovers #sewingcrafts #diypillowcovers #adventuresofadiymom

Supplies needed for an Envelope Pillow Cover:

fabric {1/2 yard is good for a 16 X 16 or smaller pillow}
sewing machine

Envelope Pillow Cover Fabric Calculation:

This is pretty easy to figure out. Start with your pillow size. For example, you might have a pillow that is 16 X 16. One side of your fabric will be 16 inches. The other side will be double that plus 6 inches. {16 X 2 + 6" = 38"} So you will need a piece of fabric that is 16 inches X 38 inches.

calculate fabric needed

How to Sew an Envelope Pillow Cover with One Piece of Fabric

Since my pillow was 16 X 16, I used the above measurements.

fabric for envelope pillow

Next, finish the short edges. These are the edges that will be the opening. Fold over each edge about 1/4 - 1/2 inch, then fold again. Press in place after each fold and then sew along each edge.

end seams for envelope pillow cover

Only two more seams and we're done!  Lay out your fabric with the right side up. Fold over each side toward the middle. The middle will overlap. Fiddle around with it until the the pillow measures 16" {Or the pillow size you chose}

folding envelope pillows

Pin in place and sew along both edges.

sewing envelope pillows

Turn the fabric right side out.

turn pillow right side out

Then insert your pillow and you're done!

easy envelope pillow cover

I made a few of these envelope covers. I added a little applique to some too, which you can read about soon.

easy envelope pillow cover

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