Tuesday, December 13, 2011

O'Henry Bars

If you've never tried homemade O'Henry Bars, then you have been missing out.  These are super yummy and very addicting. They are super easy as well.

They also freeze really well.  I wouldn't have thought that, but they do. I made a double batch and froze 1/2 to put on my cookie plates for the neighbors.

Here's how to make them:

Combine sugar and corn syrup in a pot.

Bring it to a boil.

Add peanut butter.

Stir to combine.

While you are waiting for your sugar mixture to boil measure out the cereal.

Pour the peanut butter mixture over the cereal.

Mix until it's all coated.

Press into a greased pan. (The recipe should fill a 9x13 pan. I doubled it so I put it on a cookie sheet.)
*A tip so that the cereal doesn't stick to the spoon is to get the back of the spoon wet with water.*

Now for the topping place chocolate chips and butterscotch chips in a bowl. (I usually add more of each than the recipe calls for.)

Melt in the microwave. I melt it in one minute increments, and stir it in between.

Spread it over the rice krispies.

Here's the recipe - it was one of my grandma's

O'Henry Bars
1 c. sugar
1 c. corn syrup
1 c. peanut butter
6 c. rice krispies
1/2 pkg. chocolate chips
1/3 pkg. butterscotch chips
Bring sugar and corn syrup to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in peanut butter. Mix together with rice krispies and press into 9x13 pan.  Melt chocolate and butterscotch chips in the microwave. Spread over peanut butter mixture.


  1. I kinda thought my mom used to make something with this name, but it sure doesn't look like what I was thinking!:) These look very very yummy! So delicious!

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  3. Wow, these look delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

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  4. Those look SO tasty! Can I have one? :) Thanks for sharing at Shine On Fridays!!

  5. Oh Momma! These look d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! I'd love if you came and shared your fab link at the Head to Head Showdown, going on right now at www.icantstopcrafting.blogspot.com ~Jen

  6. I have never seen anyone outside my family that calls these O'Henry bars. Usually they call them Scotcheroos. Being as my maiden name is Henry, they are a family favorite served at all our family get togethers. :)

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