Friday, March 29, 2013

How to Make Your Own Keychains

I made these cute little keychains for my girls at the same time I made the charm bracelets I showed you last week.  They will love putting them on their backpacks.

Here's what you need:
Keychain rings
Jump Rings
Head Pins

The alphabet charms were provided to me by Prima Bead. I got the keychain rings from Joann's and everything else were leftovers from other projects.

These were very simple to make.

First I made the beads into charms by inserting head pins and then form a loop at the top of the bead. I show you how to form a loop in my Necklace Tutorial.

Next I attached a length of chain  to the keychain ring with a jump ring. I started with leftover chain pieces that were about 2 inches long and then cut them down after I had added the charms.

Attach your charms with jump rings. I used four charms on each keychain. You could add more if you wanted.

Lastly cut any excess chain.

That's it. Super easy and you can use up leftover beads from other projects, so it's super cheap too.

Here's a closer look at each keychain.

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  1. What darling keychains! I love the letter charms. I would imagine the kids are pretty excited to display them on their backpacks!

  2. The keychains with pink bead charms are super cute. Do you sell any of yours at Etsy or any place?

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't sell them.

  3. What size jump ring did you use on your keychains?