Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Living Room

This is the room that I've been stressing about sharing with you all. I know everyone has different opinions regarding hunting. From the pictures your about to see you will know our opinion. Hunting is my husbands absolute favorite thing to do and you can tell by looking at our living room. But to tell you the truth, the biggest trophy in our house belongs to me. I'm not a die hard, but I do enjoy hunting from time to time.

I've never gotten a negative comment, and I don't want to start now. So if you have a different opinion of hunting than I do, then let's just agree to disagree and leave it at that.

One of the biggest things I've had to come to terms with is the fact that just because there is taxidermy all over our house, that doesn't mean that I have to decorate with moose decor. I did for the longest time, and I still have a few remnants. I just couldn't figure out how to mesh hunting with the stuff I like. I finally decided that I would add what I liked to the room and not worry about if it has a hunting theme. It works for me. 

Let's start with this little cabinet. I found the bucket lamp at a yard sale for $3. The cord is frayed so I don't dare turn it on until that's fixed, but it looks so cute. The books were from my Grandpa's. He was a reader just like me. I grabbed a few that I thought would look nice stacked together and that had titles that I might actually open and read sometime. Then there's the temple picture block and a little pine cone to tie in with the rustic/outdoors theme we have going on. 

Pulling back you can see some of the taxidermy. These ones are Utah deer.  The clock on the wall is pretty cool. It's a slice of a log with an elk picture on it.

Coming around is the fireplace. My husband built it! He did an amazing job and even a few years later, I find myself just staring at it and enjoying it. It adds so much to the room.

Here are some more trophy's. The one on the left is a whitetail from Kansas. The middle is from South Dakota and the weird one with the deformed horn is a Utah deer. You might remember the pillows I made. Check it out here. See that little table on the end of the couch. The top opens up and it's the perfect place to hide wii controllers and remotes. Sitting on top of it is a basket with crossstitch stuff in it.

You can see over to the entry way. I just noticed a baseball cap sitting on the railing. Ha! And I thought I picked up so good :)

Here are the big ones! The elk on the left is mine. It's the biggest thing anyone in our family {including extended} has killed. I wish I could take all the credit, but my husband is the one that did all the work of finding it. All I had to do was hike and pull the trigger.

Up on the ledge we've got a collection of turkey tails. It's a lot easier and cheaper to stack them up there than mount them each year.

Next to the railing we have this little table thing. It used to be our entertainment center. After we built the fireplace, we didn't need it so we took off the top, cut it down to a shorter height then attached the top back on. It's a perfect catch all. We've got movies in the side, and in the doors. We've got games hidden in there and most of the scrapbooks fit perfectly in the middle.

On top are some beadboard picture frames. You can find the tutorial for those here.

Now we're coming up on my favorite wall.

It's what I call my wall, because it reflects my style.  We, of course, have pictures of the kids.

On the bookshelf is a beadboard board with a knob. I change out the embroidery that hangs on it with the seasons.

You may wonder why I have sheep in my decor. My grandpa was a sheep rancher. My grandma in her later years collected stuffed sheep. This is the one that I inherited from her. Every time I look at it, I think of them and that's reason enough place it there.

You see that little ceramic sheep? I painted it when I was a little girl. The mini bail of wool I got from my grandpa when I was a young girl as well.

And yes, I do have a sewing basket on my piano. My sister actually thought to put it there and I love it. It adds some color and it's so convenient to have right in the living room.

Another view.  You can see my stack of briefcases and silverware box. You can read more about them here.  It's so handy to have all the piano books right there, but out of sight.

Well that's it for the living room. I always like to hear your comments - just remember to play nice on this one.

Next week, I'm hoping to share the kitchen. And soon I'll share my craft room and my son's room too.

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  1. My boys want to move into your house! Your house does look nice and I especially like how almost everything has meaning (i.e. hunting story, magical transformation on a yard sale find, family heirloom, etc.) and/or function for your family. It is refreshing to see a blogged home that is decorated for the family, not for their guests. I love homes that reflect a family, not necessarily a magazine spread!

  2. Wow! I can see you guys are BIG hunters... Good for you for getting your own elk...
    Have a terrific Tuesday !!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique