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Easy Fabric Hot Pad - Beginner's Sewing Project

Learn how to make an easy fabric hot pad. This is a great project to teach kids {or any beginner} to sew. This is one of those projects that looks complicated, but in reality is quite simple to make. My 9 year old daughter made me one at 4H and I love it, so I had to share. 

Although the fabric is woven and looks complex, once you learn how to set up the fabric, it is really only 4 straight seams and you're done.

Easy Fabric Hot Pad - Teaching Kids to Sew

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Easy Fabric Hot Pad - Beginner's Sewing Project
How to sew an easy fabric hot pad with step-by-step instructions. Great beginner's sewing project.

Supplies for Fabric Hot Pad

You will need:
6 pieces of fabric 9" X 9" {I used 3 each of two different patterns}
1 piece of Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining -45" x 1 yard {Affiliate link} 9" X 9"
sewing machine

Supplies for Easy Fabric Hot Pad

How to Make your Easy Fabric Hot Pad

Let's do this!

Begin by cutting out your fabric into 9" X 9" pieces. I cut three each of two different fabrics.
Also cut out one piece of insulated lining into a  9" X 9" piece

{Don't know where to buy insulated lining? Try this affiliate link - It's actually a cheaper price than I paid at the craft store - Insul-Bright Needlepunched Insulated Lining -45" x 1 yard }

Next take four pieces of the fabric, fold them in half and press with a hot iron. {I folded two of each color}

how to fold fabric for easy hot pad

Now we need to layer the pieces. Begin with your full, unfolded pieces. Lay down one piece of fabric with the right side down, place the insulated lining on top, then the other unfolded piece of fabric on top with the right side up.

how to layer fabric for easy hot pad

Next we will create the interwoven top. With all of these next steps, be sure to place the folded side of the fabric at the center of the hot pad.

how to layer folded fabric for easy hot pad
Place a folded fabric pieces {red} on the right side of the hot pad, keeping the fold in the center.

Place the striped fabric along the top side.

Add another red piece on the left side.

Place the final striped fabric on the bottom, lift up the red fabric in the bottom corner and tuck the striped fabric underneath.

Double check that all your pieces have the fold in the center and not on the edge. {Yes, I did not do this with one of my pieces and had to unpick - I'm trying to help you avoid my mistake}

Easy Fabric Hot Pad - Sewing

Now it's a few quick straight seams along all four edges. I did not pin the pieces together and the fabric slid a bit. So I would recommend pinning the pieces together to keep your seams straight and the fabric in place.

Lastly we will turn it right side out and the hot pad is done! I made a quick video showing this step.


Pretty easy right?!

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  1. I love how this turned out!! thanks so much for sharing in my summer fun series!!