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Crispy Chicken Drumsticks Recipe - Teaching Kids to Cook

These chicken drumsticks have a crispy breaded coating, with subtle spices enhancing the flavor of the chicken. This is a shake in a bag and bake type of recipe that is super easy! My 10 year old made them all by herself.  Plus they're made in the oven so they're better for you than fried chicken.

Crispy Chicken Drumsticks

Crispy Chicken Drumsticks Recipe - Teaching Kids to Cook

One of my goals for this year, was to help my kids be more independent and not rely on me to do everything for them. We started out working on laundry - they are now each in charge of washing, drying, folding and putting away their own clothes. Can I just say what a relief this is for me? I do my husbands and my clothes and towels/sheets - that's it!  It's taken a huge burden off my shoulders. Plus they are prepared for real life. When they go off to college, no one's going to be doing their laundry for them. 

Or cooking for them! So this summer, I decided we would spend time learning to cook. Each of my kids are already fairly competent in the kitchen. They will make cookies or muffins on a whim. But it's time for them to learn more. Each of my kids are in charge of dinner one night a week. They get to choose what they want to make and they make it all themselves.

Chicken Drumsticks Recipe
So far we've shared Chicken Sandwiches and Cheesy Sausage and Pasta.

This time it was my 10-year-old's turn and she loves drumsticks, so that's what she made.

Chicken drumsticks pair perfectly with baked potatoes since they take about the same amount of time to cook. Or if you want to make the meal extra special try twice baked potatoes.

Chicken Drumstick Recipe 

1 c. flour
2 T. cornmeal
1 t. pepper
2 t. salt
1/2 c. bread crumbs
1 t. oregano
1 t. paprika
plastic bag
chicken drumsticks

Combine dry ingredients in a bag and shake to mix. Dip drumsticks in milk and place in the bag with the flour mixture. Coat evenly and then place on a greased baking sheet. (I like to place them on a rack and then on the baking sheet) Bake at 400 for 60 minutes, turning once halfway through.

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Chicken Drumsticks Collage

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