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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Foam Soap for under $4 a year!

Here is one of the ways I save money. Instead of buying a new bottle of foam soap when we run out, I refill them. 

I first started doing this with a pampered chef bottle that was made for this. It had two lines on it showing where to fill with soap and water. I didn't particularly like it because the pump would get stuck in the down position. So I tried it with another bottle I had and it works even better. 
To start with you need a bottle that dispenses foam soap. 

 I got this one from my mom for Christmas. Once it's empty it's time to refill it.

I use this soap from Walmart. As of this week the price is $3.88.

It comes in a new bottle - it just shows you how long it's been since I've bought any. There are 3-4 different scents to choose from.

You can also buy a whole gallon at Sam's Club for $9.98.   That would last my family several years!

Next fill the bottle approximately one inch full with soap.

Then fill to the top with hot water.

Then shake well.

Hot water is important because it helps to dissolve the soap so it will mix better. If you don't mix it well enough the first few pumps will be quite soapy instead of foamy. Just shake it again and it should be fine.

I have one bottle in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. Since you only have to use such a small amount for each refill, that big bottle of soap lasts us well over a year. I also like it because I don't feel like I have to monitor usage. You know how kids are - either they try to skip the soap step, or they use six or seven squirts. Since it costs so little, I don't mind if they waste some - at least they're getting clean.

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