Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boy Bedroom Tour

Boy Bedroom

Today I'm sharing my son's bedroom. His room continues with the hunting theme that we have in the living room. About 7 years ago, I did this room completely by myself. My husband and I had bought the wood and never gotten around to putting it up. So when he was gone for a few days hunting, I surprised him by having it all done. Over the years we've added a few things here and there. For example, the karate belt holder is a newer addition.

Boy Bedroom

The blue jean patch work quilt I made for him. It's super warm, but quite heavy.

Boy Bedroom

I also made the bookshelf, which doubles as a nightstand.

Boy Bedroom

Coming around we have his tote of stuffed animals and legos. He's outgrown these big legos, but the little girls still play with them. The black shelf on the wall was originally just pine. I painted it and it's perfect to hang all his hats.

Boy Bedroom

 We have several deer pictures. The first is a cross stitch that I made for him. I made it from a book with several deer patterns. I don't think he'll get any more, that thing took FOREVER to make and it was hard because there were at least ten different shades of browns, greys and greens. The top two pictures are ones that were handed down from Grandpa, I think. And the canvas stretched between sticks was a yard sale find for $2.

Boy Bedroom
I just had to share this target on the back of the door. I had no idea it was there. Isn't that what little boys do though? And do you see the child proof handle? He sticks his little sisters in his room and shuts the door to tease them. He drives us nuts, but we love him!

Boy Bedroom
And here's the closet. This is just a controlled mess. All summer long, he would cart out at least 2-3 buckets of legos/toys to the kitchen table and set up his game. It would be out all day until dinner time.
I must say that I'm rather enjoying having my table back now that school's back in session.

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