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Laser Cut Bookmarks with Engraving (4 FREE Ideas!)

Learn to laser cut and engrave leather bookmarks four different ways. 

There are so many ways to make bookmarks. (You can find a BIG list of different types of DIY bookmarks here.) Today I'm cutting and engraving bookmarks out of leather. 

When I received my x-Tool, I knew I wanted to try out cutting leather with it. And what better way to start than with a simple project like a bookmark. 

These were really easy to make and it was fun to come up with different variations. 

collage of different styles of leather bookmarks

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I am not a graphic designer. 

So, I used the basic features within x-Tool creative space to design these bookmarks.  I think they turned out pretty great. And I'll show you the features I used to create each type of bookmark.

I created video tutorials for 3 of the 4. (The last being so simple, it doesn't require one.)

So I will explain the process for each bookmark in this post. But be sure to watch the video for a step-by-step of the design process of each bookmark.  
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laser cut and engraved bookmark

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These are the supplies that I used for all of the bookmarks.

Not all these supplies are needed for each leather bookmark, but I thought it would be nice to keep all this info together.

I will also list the supplies with the instructions for each specific bookmark.
Note: You can use full-grain leather, top-grain leather, corrected grain leather, or bonded leather for laser cutting and engraving. You can find leather scraps in all types with lots of color variety. 

Be careful with faux leathers. If they contain PVC or vinyl it is not safe to cut. PVC creates fumes of hydrochloric acid that are dangerous to your health. So read the labels. If you aren't sure what a synthetic leather is made of, err on the side of caution and don't use it. 


 The first bookmark I'm going to share is super simple. For this bookmark, the only supply you will need is some leather and your laser cutter/engraver machine. 

 Here's the video for this bookmark.
leather bookmark with a laser engraved book and the words just read

In xTool Creative Space, selected the square shape with the rounded corners. Then change the dimensions to 1.5" X 5".  

From the other section of shapes, select the book. Place it near the bottom of the rectangle.

Then select a font (I used Adelia) and write your phrase.  Rotate the words 90 degrees.

image depicting design for bookmark

Set the rectangle to cut. For thicker leather I chose 100 power, 6 speed and 2 passes. 

However as I have continued to play around, I have realized that I get less charring using less power. I have used 75 power with success. 

There are lots of thicknesses of leather, so play around with your settings on a scrap piece. Thinner leather will only need one pass.
image depicting cut settings

Next select the book and words and adjust your engrave settings. I used 38 power, 600 speed, 1 pass and 200 lines per cm.

image depicting engrave settings
Then cut and engrave your leather bookmark. 

leather bookmark made with laser engraver


This bookmark is fun because it has a swallowtail pennant look to it. And the triangle that is cut out of the end of the bookmark is tied to the top of the bookmark for a fun unique look.
laser cut bookmark with laser engraving with text overlay

  For this style of bookmark you will need leather scraps, eyelets, eyelet tool, and leather cord. This eyelet setting tool comes in real handy for this bookmark.

Begin by designing and cutting out your leather pieces. You can see my video for this process here.

I made this for my missionary son. This is his current favorite scripture.

supplies to make laser cut bookmark

Next punch holes in the top center of the bookmark and triangle piece. I used the eyelet setting tool. It has hole punches for two different sizes of eyelets.
holes punched in leather

 Next insert the eyelet in the leather and use the tool to secure it in place. 

adding eyelets to leather
Repeat for both the bookmark and the tassel piece. 

bookmark ready to assemble

 Next, cut a piece of leather cording about 6 inches long. Insert them in the holes and tie off on the back.

adding leather cording to bookmark


This bookmark is so simple and easy to make. It takes just a small scrap of leather, so it's perfect for those tiny pieces that aren't good for much else.   

leather bookmark

For these bookmarks you will need leather scrapsrivets and rivet setting tools make a great addition but are an optional.

This bookmark starts out with a long skinny piece of leather with a triangle point at one end. A design is engraved into the bottom portion of the bookmark.

Get the details on creating this simple shape in xTool creative space in this video.

leather bookmark ready to attach rivet

 Fold the leather over just a bit at the top and punch a hole in the center.

punching a hole in leather

 Add your rivet to the leather.
adding a rivet to leather
And there you have a simple, but stunning leather bookmark.

laser engraved leather bookmark

Here are some more bookmarks I created using this technique. You can make them without the rivets. And you can make them without the fold in the leather. 

I found engraving turns out different with different colors of leather. 

leather bookmarks


  This last bookmark is the easiest of all. It's a great way to use colored leather to create a two-toned effect.

laser cut heart bookmark

These bookmarks require leather scraps and rivets. 

Cut a scrap of leather in a rectangle shape that is 1/2" X 8". Then cut out a heart that is 1 1/2" at it's widest point.

Punch a hole in the center of the heart and at the top center of the rectangle.

supplies for laser cut leather bookmark

Connect the two pieces with a rivet. 

two toned leather bookmark with heart

You could try all different shapes for this bookmark. See what you can come up with.


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  laser cut and engraved leather bookmarks

laser cut leather bookmark

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